Training at Bodybyhewida. Its about the journey. Make it happen…

Rome was not built in a day!

No matter what your goals are, nothing good happens over night. With the right mind set you can achieve anything! The better you are able to commit and dedicate yourself to your health and well being, the better your results will be. It’s as easy as that!

Bodybyhewida speciliases in weight training and strength/endurance coaching. Applying different methodologies to a periodised program to help clients reach goals such as: weight loss, muscle gain, definition, fitness, power, core conditioning, hypertrophy, weight gain, rehabilitation, strength and post pregnancy.

I am a Realist, I totally understand day to day pressures when it comes to time management, financial ability, working hours, parenting as well as physical and emotional limitations.

For this reason I have arranged flexible methods of training.

Personal Training

For the client that Prefers to train one on one

Programs are designed to best reach the clients goals.

Times are negotiated and of personal preference to the client. Within opening hours of the studio.

Programmed Group Training sessions

The floor at our studio opens at specific times throughout the day. We enable clients to enjoy programmed training within a group setting.

Bodybyhewida is ideal for:

Clients who are self sufficient and have committed themselves to training however need an edge or change in their training program.

Clients who feel like their training sessions are going no where as far as their goals are concerned, have plateaued, need a change of routine and are happy to work with others.

Clients that want to be challenged and are courageous enough to let their guard down will have the opportunity to take on board the benefits and knowledge that comes with resistance training. If you are looking for tips and ways to improve training this is the place for you.

Great for clients who enjoy the energy and social side of group training.

Fixed 6 months direct debit payments to help you budget and achieve your goals long term.