“Hewida is fantastic!! I have trained with many personal trainers and they all tend to slip into a preset routine. Not Hewida!! She keeps it interesting, never the same routine, and will challenge your body for the whole session. It’s painful but totally worth it!!”
Dr.Adina Blaj


“Hewida is not like any trainer and Body Performance is not like any gym.
I walked in with the idea to get fit and strong to play rugby but Hewida gave me much more: the capacity to truly embrace a healthy lifestyle.

I wasn’t particularly fit when I started but she adapted to my level of fitness and is still helping me today to achieve my goals, both physical and nutritional. I find her support and energy incredibly motivating.

As part of the group sessions, I can see that she personally gets involved into her clients’ success whether it’s weight loss, or like me, toning and strength gain. Her involvement is what makes the difference and will help you succeed.

Her gym, Body Performance, has been kept relatively small, so I don’t feel like I’m “just another client” lost in the mass. The ambiance is always cheerful and trust me, once you get in, you’ll want to come back again !”

Melanie, 23 years old, student



Since starting with H about 6 months ago I’ve lost over 10kgs of body fat and added lean muscle to my entire body. When I first started H noticed straight away that my rounded shoulders combined with my tight hamstrings were the cause of my bad posture and back pain. We worked hard to fix that with specific leg and back exercises. Today I feel taller and so much more confident as well as having my back pain all but gone. I love that the workouts vary on each day so I’m never doing the same thing twice. She’ll push you past what you think your limits are while working within your limitations and before you know you’ll get results you couldn’t get on your own.




I am just about to complete week three of three days a week working out with H.

I can honestly say I am feeling better already and am looking forward to the results at the end of six months!

Damien Wilson
Global Marketing and Sales Director
RØDE Microphones



I’m a 47 year old male and was in desperate need of a body reboot, having worked out on my own off and on for years without much result.

I have the choice of 4 gyms and 4 private studios within a 5 min walk from my home.

When I saw Hewida walk out of Body Performance I made up my mind to go there. Her physique was amazing and I thought if she can perfect herself like that she will know how to work with me.

And I was right.  What I wasn’t prepared for was her dynamic attitude & endless motivation.

She not only has all the knowledge to get you where you want to be but the ability to drive you to go places you didn’t think you could all the while creating a fun atmosphere.

I know I’m on a journey – I’m no where near my finish line – I’m just glad I’ve got Hewida at the drivers seat – going 100kms an hour.

Thanks H x

Lucas Divirgilio



Hi I’m Evelyn and I’m 26 years of age.

I began training with Hewida about 2 weeks ago. My original goal was to improve my fitness, gain muscle and definition .

I had been training in crossfit for about 2 years when I had injured my back and I was told about the personalized training program Hewida offered at BODY PERFORMACE. During the time training with Hewida I noticed my strength improving dramatically. I was amazed and extremely satisfied with the program’s she personalized for me.

Not only have I seen a dramatic change in my body but I have gained back the strength in my lower back .

Part of my workout routine and programming involves eating the kinds of foods that will help me achieve the result I wanted.

Hewida is very helpful and the most motivated PT I’ve ever had . Not only has she giving me good nutrition information but also educated me on conditioning my body.

Hewida is beyond well qualified to teach and train me to be the best that I can be. Her formal education and her experience is extensive so I know that every step that I take and every exercise that I do will improve my quality of life. I highly recommend anyone that is looking to improve their fitness to sign up with BODY PERFORMANCE.

Hewida trains with care and compassion and she does everything she can to help you reach your goal.

I have lost 3kilos since training with Hewida and I’ll continue to train and reach my goals training with BODY PERFORMANCE.




I will never forget the first time I saw her, her amazing physique and that crazy curly hair.  I thought this girl looks like she could whip my ass into shape and she did. As a trainer if your body is your brand then Hewida nails it!!

Now 8 years on she has been with me through all my bodily changes –  marriage, babies and now shes with me as I stare down the wrong side of 40. Its a life long commitment – but one you want to keep because of who she is. She motivates and inspires but most of all she makes you lol and feel good.

She is not just my trainer anymore – she is a friend and yip she still scares me but I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂

Grainne Nixon Brand Manager